The Climate

Four Seasons...each distinct and beautiful

Although cold in winter, with sparkling frosts and blankets of snow abound, from March through to late October the weather in Slovenia is generally warmer than that back in the UK and there is plenty to do if you want to get out and about.

From mid-March, even while there is still snow on the mountains, temperatures in the valleys rise dramatically, giving an early taste of fine summer weather.

In summer, temperatures often settle in the mid 30s, and visitors either bask in the heat or take respite in the cool shades of the Vintgar Gorge or the tranquil waters of Lakes Bled and Bohinj.

Autumn is an especially pleasant time to visit with the weather typically mild, making mountain walking a little easier. With fine weather often extending to mid-October, the autumnal leaf display can be stunning.

In winter, when you want cold weather to enjoy the winter sports, the fields around the Alpine Retreat are often covered in a heavy blanket of snow and heavy frosts leave the trees sparkling in the winter sun. Slovenia has a reputation for winter sports and the area around Bled has numerous downhill ski-runs, cross country ski circuits, and a number of ice skating rinks. Planica, the largest ski-jump in the world, is not far from Bled and hosts the world championships finale.